Crazy Bamboo Attraction Liven Sandhi Murti 24th Anniversary -


Crazy Bamboo Attraction Liven Sandhi Murti 24th Anniversary

Kamis, 01 Mei 2014 | 09:48 WITA
Crazy Bamboo Attraction Liven Sandhi Murti 24th Anniversary

College of martial arts and mysticism Sandhi Murti, Sunday (27/04/2014) celebrated its 24th anniversary. This celebration was enlivened by various events. One of them was crazy bamboo attractions which could amaze hundreds of participants who attended that event. Crazy bamboo attraction was one of the events featured in the anniversary celebration of Sandhi Murti, which was held on Sunday evening, at the headquarters of Sandhi Murti college Bali, on Jl. Tukad Citarum, Denpasar, Bali.
In this crazy bamboo attraction, some people were given the opportunity to hold a piece of bamboo. Bamboo was then 'turned on' by the mantra given by Pinisepuh Sandhi Murti College, Gusti Ngurah Harta.
After being 'turned on', the bamboo rod then started moving with tremendous power. Some people were given the opportunity to hold the bamboo sticks, however they seem powerless to resist the movement of bamboo. The bamboo poles that were already ' living' would be shaking some adult men in different directions without being able to be controlled.
After letting that crazy bamboo shook for a while, Ngurah Harta then 'turned' back the bamboo sticks off by using a special mantra. Bamboo which previously revolt toward some people around it, would be silent and just like lost its 'soul' again.
A Bulgarian citizen named Krashimir, had the opportunity to try this crazy bamboo attraction. He claimed to be amazed by the wonders of this crazy bamboo attraction.
"The strength of the bamboo after given amazingly powerful mantra, make me cannot control it, it really cannot be trusted, but this is really my own experience," said Krashimir.
Gusti Ngurah Harta declared that crazy bamboo attraction is one of Indonesia`s heritage assets. Crazy bamboo attraction can also be found in other areas such as in Maluku.
"Crazy bamboo is amalgamation of macro and micro forces of nature, beyond the capabilities of human that we can prove its existence," said Ngurah Harta.
Besides the attraction of crazy bamboo crazy, Sandhi Murti 24th anniversary cellebration was also filled with art performances, Pencak Silat Tengklung Sandhi Murti attraction, attraction of a martial member of Sandhi Murti who were beaten rollicking, members who slashed by using the sword, and also members of Sandhi Murti who were pelted with coconut fruit. However, all of those attacks could not hurt Sandhi Murti members who were as the targets.
In this event which was attended by a number of leaders in Bali, Gusti Ngurah Harta advised all members of Sandhi Murti to always maintain the unity despite the differsity.
"The difference was the melody of beauty, Sandhi Murti members wherever they are, they need to remain united despite the different principles and colors, it should not be used as a contradiction, but it is an ornament to add to the beauty in creating something or doing creativity. So the difference was not hostility, not a contradiction, but a melody of beauty," he concluded.
The General Chairman of Sandhi Murti Indonesia, Putu Kartana states, tens of thousands of Sandhi Murti members now scattered in various countries around the world. Sandhi Murti membership was drawn from all of levels, from the janitor, the military, entrepreneurs, to the expert of bomb maker in Eastern Europe.
"Besides being active in the fields of martial arts, members of Sandhi Murti are also active in various social activities," said him clearly. 

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