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Seeing Decades Years Old Turtle in Penyu Island

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Tanjung Benoa tourism object in Badung, Bali, becomes one of the favorite destinations of tourists in spending their holidays in Bali. In addition to providing water attractions, Tanjung Benoa also provides tour packages to visit Penyu Island by motor boats. 
There are many water tour packages offered in Tanjung Benoa, ranging from Fly Fish, Water Skiing, Parasailing, Banana Boat, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. One of activity which is very exciting to be tried is a tour package to visit Turtle Island in the bay of Tanjung Benoa, Bali.
Motor boat to Turtle Island can be rented with varying prices. Minimum 2 persons for once rent and a maximum of 8 people for one boat. They are easily found hung on the edge of the beach that is provided by water sports operators in Tanjung Benoa.
Before visited Turtle Island, visitors will be invited to the sea which is about 100-200 meters from the beach to see the beauty of the seabed. One of the guides as well as a boat driver will prepare bread to feed the fish. From the top of this boat, fish with beautiful colors shapes will appear to approach the boat above the water surface.
 "The fish here prefer to eat capcay, rather than eat bread," joked Ida Bagus Redana, Glass Bottom Boat driver whose boat’s name is Wisata Family.
In the midst of the sea which is known as the Marine Park, the boat going to the Turtle Island firstly will always stop here. With the float position, through clear glass in the bottom of the boat, the scenery looks so close to the coral reefs interspersed with a variety of fish species swimming actively.
"Marine plants and fish that are here their preservations are always maintained by the local community," said Redana.
Besides enjoying fish and marine plants scenery through Glass Bottom Boat, in the middle of Marine Park, various marine activities show many attractions. If you're lucky, an international cruise ship capacity of 3,000 passengers often looses the anchor in the middle of the ocean, dropping off its passengers to lifeboats.
After feeding the fish in Marine Park, then the trip is continued to Penyu Island which is about 20 minutes away. The boat cruised with a maximum power of 40 HP outboard engine power. In the advanced position, passangers are expected to sit back fill up both sides, in order to make the position of boat drove quite stable. Along the way, another beauty that tourists can enjoy is the various activities which are visible in the distance, such as loading and unloading of ships that rely on the Port Benoa, take off aircraft, as well as fishing activities in the base of Tanjung Benoa.
While waiting with curiosity to immediately get in Turtle Island, others seem dreamy views of Bali Mandara Toll road stretches above sea level of Teluk Benoa.
Arriving at Turtle Island, visitors will be greeted by local guide with a warm smile. Before entering to the tourims object, you will be charged the entry ticket. Visitors will be charged a ticket for Rp 20.000,- to Rp 10.000,- for foreigners and local tourist. Meanwhile,  for the children, they will be charged Rp 10.000,-  for foreigners and Rp 5.000,-  for the for the local. Most of these ticket sales will be used for a turtle and animal care costs in place of preservation. 
Kindly guide then welcome the visitors and introduce more closely on the preparation turtles preserved by Turtle Conservation Group Moon Cot Sari. In this area, there are at least three types of turtles that have been successful preserved, such as: Lekang Turtle, Green Turtle and Hawksbill, "We have the age of the oldest turtle, green turtle is 75 years old," said one of the female tour guide.
Besides turtles, there are other types of animals like eagles, bats, Bangkok birds, iguanas and snakes. All these animals which are tame become additional attractions besides seeing the turtle as the main destination.
This place is very suitable as a family recreation, didactic and give more knowledge for students. The presence of turtles can be seen from  hatchlings, young, until adult turtle.
When the school holidays comming, the place is always crowded by families and children. This turtle breeding place, besides capturing photos by camera, visitors can also hold the turtle. The existence of this turtle conservationists place is useful to help some fishermen who live around Tanjung Benoa, because all those who are involved in turtle conservation groups can get employment.
"This breeding Land actually borrowed by forestry and marine services. In this one-hectare-land area, there are at least three turtle conservation groups, " said Ketut Roka, Turtle Conservation Group Field Coordinator Moon Cot Sari, who has been working for 12 years.
According to Ketut Roka, sea turtles on Turtle Conservation Group Moon Cot Sari in Penyu Island is managed independently by the local community. This group has a total membership of 10 people.
At least this time around 37 turtles were already in Taging, and 95 others have not been in Taging. The release is also often done to increase the number of turtles in the sea. All species are protected in this place under the supervision of Bali Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA) Bali, "Raising this turtle should be really serious, if not all of the turtles can die," said Ketut Roka.
In Penyu Island, as one of the tourist destinations, other support facilities are toilets, souvenir stalls, food stalls, refreshments stall, as well as other facilities such as Fish SPA facilities that can be tried for all travelers. This tourist attraction is open daily from 8 o'clock until the afternoon. After being around visiting the turtle island, the trip will be continued back to the dock water sport activities, riding the same boat. in English : Ni Luh Putu Era Adnyayanti

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