Gamat Beach, A New Paradise in Nusa Penida -


Gamat Beach, A New Paradise in Nusa Penida

Rabu, 30 November 2016 | 16:00 WITA
Gamat Beach, A New Paradise in Nusa Penida

Gamat Beach, a new beach at Nusa Penida. [source: bbcom]

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, KLUNGKUNG. - Klungkung. Different with Crystal Bay, Gamat Beach is counted as quiet beach. The Access also, is not easy as Crystal Bay Direction. Visiting this place, traveller must be go down along a hill. So, that's why we call this place as a private beach. 
Actually, Crystal Bay and Gamat Beach is still in one group area. This place just divided by a border of ravine. Because of that, we can not see the connection of these beach. 
This is also make both of this place have some characteristic. 
What we can do at Gamat Beach? It's just same with what we can do at Crystal Bay, Snorkeling! But, do you believe that snorkeling in Gamat Beach is more wonderful than at Crystal Bay? Try then! 
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It's because of this new beach still not have much crowded as we can see at Crystal Bay. This situation make Gamat beach still keep their nature, including the biodiversity inside.
Now you have a good knowledge about this place. Next, we are going to talk about a perfect time to go to this place. What time that you guess? suggest you to visit Gamat Beach at the afternoon. Morning time? we not suggested it. Because the rise of tide can cover the whole beach. You cannot go down to this beach at that time. It's full of water. The beach are full cover of water. Seems it's not a beach anymore. 
Then, the good point of this new beach, especially for traveller that love collect every single thing in a beach like the coral, this place maybe can be your good one. 
The beach still virgin, much stone and coral you can find there. 
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We can also call this beach as full of stone beach, because we can see much big stone there. It also happen when we take a swim there. Not sand that we see but stone, full of stone. 
This beach is really really private. Not much tarveller, or villagers. You also can not found a warung here. So, we suggest this place is good for you that seek for quiet place and relaxing mind. [wrt]

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