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University of Western Australia Learn "The Taksu" of Kamasan Art Painting

Rabu, 07 Desember 2016 | 17:00 WITA

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DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, KLUNGKUNG., Klungkung. Kamasan Clasic Art Painting, Klungkung, Bali, have been famous around the world since along time ago. University of Western Australia (UWA), also wondering to study the "Taksu" (such magic radaiance or invisble energy) of this art.  
One of Faculty Architecture, Landscape, and Visual Art lecturer from University of Western Australia (UWA), Professor Paul Trinidad, said to, in recent times, especially in September 2016, such kinds of Kamasan Painting design by Nyoman Mandra, have been exhibit in Cullity Gallery, that located in University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth, Australia. 
According to Paul, in that exhibition, the visitors feels the taksu or energy that radiance by Kamasan Painting. 
"I believe taksu and the energy also feel by my students in Australia, also another visitors. It like there's another interfere by the God within the process of making this painting. There's an energy that hard to describe, there's kind of relation between human and God that can't describe," Paul said. 
Paul added, Kamasan Painting by Nyoman Mandra that exhibit in University of Western Australia, the energy also feel in all around his faculty area. 
"Kamasan Painting that exhibited, clean the aura and all of negative think in collage. Much of people fell stress and face much problem in collage, but when Kamasan Painting comes, all of that negative were cleaned. The "Taksu" of Kamasan Painting can clean the negative think and it's like such kind of magic think that can't describe by common sense or logic. In my mind, Kamasan painting is the real of Balinese culture," Paul Said. 
Kamasan Painter Concern With "Sekala Niskala" 
So, what about the Kamasan Painter? How Nyoman Mandra think about the argument of UWA Lecturer? 
Visited at his house in Kamasan Village, in recent times, Nyoman Mandra still look busy during observing the process of making Kamasan Painting that work by his family. 
Talking about the taksu or painting energy, Nyoman said, that Taksu could emerge because of Balinese people habit that always concern in every aspects, whether Sekala or Niskala (visible or invisble).
"If Balinese people work, they always concern the Sekala and Niskala Factor. Like what I do in very morning after wake up at 5 am, I'll going to Pray. Then, have my breakfast or another activites. Morning praying time for ask permission to the God, so my activities from morning to afternoon will runs well, and God will give me the blessing," He said. 
Beside that, during making a great job or special painting for big event like held in Australia before, Nyoman Mandra said that he always offer Daksina or kinds of offerings as embodiment of expression of gratitude to The God. 
"During painting, or when the exhibition held, that's an duty, we must offering daksina. We ask permit to The God, to Saravasti, Guru Reka, Siva, All of Guru. Maybe that's make the Taksu emerge like what the people feel when see the Kamasan Painting in Australia," Nyoman Mandra, the oldest painter in Kamasan, said. [wrt]

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