Australian Tourist Do "Melukat" and Pray At Campuhan Temple Padanggalak -


Australian Tourist Do "Melukat" and Pray At Campuhan Temple Padanggalak

Senin, 16 Januari 2017 | 18:00 WITA

Tourist do Melukat at Padanggalak Beach. [bbcom]

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, DENPASAR., Denpasar. As a tourism destination, Bali island famous as a rich place with a wide variety of cultural traditions. One of them is the melukat tradition or self-purification tradition. 
Now, foreign people can also feel how melukat it is. 
Before Melukat, one thing that you must know is the Melukat Place. Actually, there're so much place to held Melukat. And, it can be done in Campuhan Pura Segara Windu, Padanggalak Beach, Denpasar.
Another thing that you must know is not only held by Balinese Hinduism, Bali ancestral tradition is now also followed by the tourists who come to Bali.
It's like how Australia tourism group done before. They come to Bali and feel this self-purification tradition. 
Before proceeding with the self-cleaning tradition or melukat, the tourists get an explanation of the procession melukat from the tour guide.
When melukat, alternately, foreign tourists have followed the ritual performed by Ida Resi and Stakeholder Hindu.
In this melukat procession, travelers wash their head and face, rinse the mouth, and the last is drinking the holy water. 
Travelers also washed themselves with coconut water and drink the water. 
The ceremony was ended by showering in Loloan, the point of river flows and sea water meet, at Padanggalak Beach. 
"This spiritual experience is very interesting and new for us, so we recommend for tourists who come to Bali," said Allysa, Australian travelers.
According to Stakeholder Campuhan Pura Segara Windu, Mangku Alit, although do in Pura, melukat ceremony is not limited by race or religion.
"Anyone can melukat in this place, without being limited tribe, nation, or religion. It requires a pejati (offerings) and bungkak nyuh gading (young coconut)," he explained.
At the end of the ceremony, the foreign tourists who come melukat prayed together in the temple to ask for health and safety. [bbn/psk/wrt]

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