Mahana Cliff Jumping Point, A Recommendations During Holiday In Ceningan -


Mahana Cliff Jumping Point, A Recommendations During Holiday In Ceningan

Jumat, 20 Januari 2017 | 18:00 WITA


Bali Tourism is more than a place. Starting from the euphoria of the city or village charm. All complete in here.

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    However, Bali is not exclusively about the main island, there also a three groups of small islands which are also quite tempting. There are Nusa Penida, Lembongan, and Ceningan.
    This time, will invite you to get around in Nusa Ceningan. 
    The must-to-come place is Mahana Cliff Jumping Point. Recommended for you who actively seek challenges. 
    Do you brave enough to jump from a height of 10 meters above sea level? While the waves of the sea below also so tide. Certainly, one who chose this location must be a brave man.
    Although, this location also provides a jumping place with a height of three meters. But, still the courage and guts that needed.
    Jump at a height of 10 or three meters, then the next, you will be faced with a sea depth of approximately 3 to 4 meters.
    After jump, they wll throw you a float, then pulled you into the stairs back to the cliff. 
    For sure, it's an incredible experience!
    To feel this experience, you'll charge around Rp 25,000 in a single leap.
    Although a little tense, Wayan Sadia, administrators Mahana Cliff Jumping, stating that this cliff jumping into favorit. Not just once time, travelers can usually tried many times to jump over.
    "Not only foreign tourists, local was also happy to choose this location. It's just the weather and natural conditions remains to be seen," he explained.
    That's right, before you chose to go to this location, one thing that should aware is the weather. 
    Few tips from Wayan Sadia, the best time to do the cliff jumping was on time after the full moon. If ahead New Moon or after it, possibility would be tidal waves. Sure, it would be dangerous to jump. Because, after jump, the waves could drifted you to another beach, a short distance from the cliff. Remain, safety must be a priority.
    "We always aware woth the safety of travelers that's why we provide a life guard," he added.
    Meanwhile, Mahana Cliff Jumping itself had stood since 2011, and over five years stood the manager said never happened things that harm at all.
    Establishment Jumling cliff is based on seeing the enthusiasm of travelers who relish the jumping challenge of the cliff. Previously, this tour can be found in the Blue Lagoon, just because of the land dispute, now cliff jumping at the Blue Lagoon which is as high as 13 meters can not be enjoyed again.[wrt]

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