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7 Cheapest and Favorite Souvenirs Shop in Bali

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017 | 11:12 WITA
7 Cheapest and Favorite Souvenirs Shop in Bali


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If you have your travelling time in Bali, don't forget to shop some souvenirs that typical of Bali. As you know, this island of god is so famous with its unique trinkets, unique handmade souvenirs, or sculptures and paintings that so artistic.
So, why not to shop in souvenirs typical of Bali?  
Here, we give you 7 cheapest places and favorite souvenirs shop that must be visited: 
1. Galuh Art Shop
Galuh Art Shop can be regarded as a place by the oldest, pioneer, or pioneer of modern gift shop in Bali. In 1976, this place establisht by opened the a batik company named Bali Cap Galuh, located in Batubulan Village, Gianyar, Bali.
Galuh was founded by one artist who is also a craftsman in Bali, as well as the owner of Galuh, namely Pande Ketut Krishna. She is the creator of Balinese Barong, a mascot of Bali products and one of Bali's favorite souvenirs.
Beng is the name of a village where the birth of Pande Ketut Krishna and became the center of hundreds of craftsmen to do all the products that exist in artshop Galuh.
In 80s Pande Ketut Krishna and colleagues began to develop Balinese products, until the products sell well in domestic and international markets.
But, in the 2000s many products try to imitated Galuh products with a quality that is not the same as that produced byGaluh. Despite, until now Galuh can still accommodate hundreds of workers or pengerajin in Beng village.
2. Art Market Sukawati
This place is located on Jalan Raya Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Sukawati Art Market is the largest art market in Bali that has been established since 1980s. This market is very famous among tourists both domestic and foreign because it sells various Balinese handicraft items with the cheapest price.
3. Ubud Art Market
The Eat, Pray, Love Movie starring Julia Robert is taking filming in this place. 
Strategically located in front of Puri Agung Saren, precisely at the junction of Jalan Monkey Forest, this art market attracts tourists with quality goods and relatively cheap prices.
4. Kuta Art Market
This market is a favorite place to buy varieties of Balinese souvenirs with bargain prices. Established since 1965, there are approximately 250 stalls facing each other with a width of one and a half meters. In addition to local tourists, most consumers here are foreign tourists who are on holiday to Bali.
5.Kumbasari Art Market
Kumbasari Market is one of the largest traditional markets in Denpasar. It is about 13 km from Ngurah Rai Airport and all Balinese art works are here. This market is open 24 hours and every day is always crowded by visitors. If you want to buy souvenirs on a large scale, here is the right place. The location of this market is close to Badung Market on Gajah Mada Street, Denpasar.
6. Guwang Art Market
Located 1 km south of Sukawati Art Market in Gianyar area, you can find Guwang market. This place has very strategic location and can make easier for you to visit this place during tour trip to Besakih or Kintamani because the route is unidirectional. 
Being functioned in 2002, Guwang Market was built to support Sukawati Art Market which is often jammed and overcrowded.
7. Arjuna Gagapan Bali
As a famous tourist destination, the island of Bali is synonymous with souvenir tours. Souvenir center shops in Bali are now popping up in various locations in Bali. Most recently, the shop by Arjuna, Gagapan Bali, is present in Batubulan area, Gianyar. Although classified as new, this gift shop gives warranty of super cheap price, the cheapest in Bali.
Arjuna's gift shop, Gagapan Bali, officially opened on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. The opening ceremony of this gift shop is filled with Melaspas ceremony followed by the shopkeeper's family and the employees.
This Super Arjuna Bali Super Cheap gift shop, located on Batubulan highway, Gianyar Bali, not so far from Denpasar City. This gift shop is adjacent to Art Shop Galuh which is famous for its batik and barong dance performances (barong dance).
According to the owner, Pande Nyoman Yudi Sutrisna, although classified as the youngest, but he ensures the price offered in this store is super cheap.
"Our jargon is" The Youngest, Super Cheap, and Etalase Craftsman. 
"Even though it is newly open, we guarantee the price of souvenirs that sold here the cheapest in Bali, please compare with other places," Pande Yudi explained, Tuesday (6/12/2016).
Furthermore Pande explained, in this super cheap souvenir shop, visitors or tourists can get various kinds of souvenirs typical of Bali, ranging from a variety of T-shirts, barong clothes, beach cloth, various Balinese clothes, udeng, various snacks Balinese , Sculptures, paintings, kites, and various types of other Balinese souvenirs.
Pande said, this souvenir shop can sell goods with super cheap price because it directly take the goods from the craftsmen.
"Because we immediately take the goods from the craftsmen, we can reduce the price as cheaply as possible, although super cheap, but we still pay attention to the quality of goods," said this successful young entrepreneur.
In addition to targeting tourists who are vacationing in Bali, this place opening a cooperation with reseller.
"We are opening the opportunity for those who want to become resellers, we guarantee it will get the cheapest price compared to other places in Bali," said Pande.
One of the shopkeepers, Gatot Wirasantosa, admitted that the price offered at the shop by Arjuna is cheaper than other places in Bali, both souvenir shops and traditional art markets.
"After I tour around, the price is much cheaper, even cheaper for the size of the pockets of Indonesia. In addition, there are also many shopping here for resale, so this place I recommend to search for souvenirs with the cheapest price," "Gatot said.
Attendance of Souvebir Shop like Arjuna Gagapan Bali,adds the number of tourist souvenirs destinations on the island of Bali. With the presence of this gift shop, tourists who come to Bali now have more choices when buy souvenirs. [wrt]

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