Bebek Pangi, A Must Try Food in Bali -


Bebek Pangi, A Must Try Food in Bali

Selasa, 19 Desember 2017 | 17:00 WITA

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, DENPASAR., Denpasar. If you want to taste a different menu using duck meat, maybe this duck spiced seasoning pangi flavor could be one of your option. 

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    According to Chef Wayan Susana, this menu serve duck meat with a soft texture, not hard like the others duck meat menu. 
    "Duck menu that we serve does have different characteristics with the dish of others duck menu, because the aroma and flavor of spice pangi very thick felt, which makes the menu different," he said.
    He said, the duck must be in ranging 1 to 1.2 kg with 6 month age. So, it's make a different meat dishes as well.
    "In addition to the duck meat is also a choice, with different cooking process as well," he said.
    Duck pangi menu is also accompanied by four kinds of sambal, such as sambal matah, colo-colo, pangi, and spicy sauce. To be more complete eating this duck pangi package menu, then a glass of Arak Uyut also served.
    For those who are curious to try to come directly to Restaurant Pangi that can accommodate 200 visitors. It's located at Hotel b, Jl. Imam Bonjol, Denpasar and open from 07.00 am until 23.00 pm. [bbn/wrt]

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