Using The Hotel Food Waste as Abandoned Dog Feed -


Using The Hotel Food Waste as Abandoned Dog Feed

Kamis, 08 Maret 2018 | 14:00 WITA

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, DENPASAR. Hotel waste is often a problem, especially if it is wrong in managing. But an inspiration is offered by a dog lover in Bali named Pande Nyoman Sarini. The mother of two children familiarly called Lenny Pande offered to use the waste of food in the hotel to feed the abandoned dog or the community's pet dogs around the hotel. The idea originated from meeting invitations and banquets commonly attended at several hotels in Bali.

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    "Feeling touched by the rest of the food. Whether it's from my own plate as well as from the hotel guests themselves. I try to observe and examine what I can personally do to waste food in the hotel is useful," said Lenny Pande who currently has a position as Director Visitors Guide to Bali, on Saturday (17/2/2018)
    Lenny Pande who has been active in rescuing dogs and cats along with his colleagues is trying to approach his associates at the hotel to carry out the idea of using the hotel food waste as a dog feed. Moreover, every day must provide food to dogs and cats in some spots Denpasar.
    "There are some wild dogs that I tried feed every day, personally I can still support them. At the same time I am reminded of one of our media partners Furama Xclusive Villas who in discussion with me to ask me what they can do for their annual CSR program," Lenny said.
    The offer of the woman born March 23, 1973 was apparently approved by the management of Furama Xclusive and agreed to support one of animal shelters which coincidentally located still in the same area.
    "Together, after doing a review to the location in question, we agreed to donate the remaining food to the animal shelters. And thankfully it turns out the management Furama Xclusive team and interested to do it at least twice in a week," said the woman who is currently as Public Relations (PR) Consultant Pramana Experience.
    According to Lenny Pande, suggestions in the form of residual food donations are also in line with the Hindu Bali philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, one of which is harmony with nature. Wildlife is a part of nature itself and not disposing of food waste is one form of preserving nature.
    General Manager of Ubud-Bali Furama Villas & Spa I Wayan Sumandia revealed that during this time the average amount of waste food in a day reaches 1-2 kg. Other waste in the form of striming or pieces of vegetables and others in a day can reach 2.5 kg. "Our food waste is highly dependent on occupancy," Sumandia said.
    Sumandia acknowledged that the remaining food was requested by hotel employees to be given to their pets at home. But now all the leftovers will focus on being taken to the shelter or the abandoned dog manager. "If there is more, maybe in the future we will look for other places besides what we are cooperating now," said Sumandia.
    Sumandia said so far waste of food scraps taken directly by the shelter every 3 days once or 2 times a week. This cooperation program has been ongoing since June 2017 and is expected to be sustainable. Moreover, the response from the shelter is very good, because during this time the shelter is often overwhelmed to look for food supply for the dogs that were saved.

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  • Sumandia stated until now, he has not considered to invite other hotels to participate in the use of waste food as a dog and cat feed. "We would be very happy if other hotels can apply the same thing as we do, because this is also part of CSR or our term in Bali we call it yadnya," said Sumandia.
    Sumandia added that there was no target in action. Where the goal is to help and help fellow beings. Implementation by trying to give little attention to other living things other than humans is through the provision of assistance in the form of food scraps to the abandoned dogs rescued by the Shelter manager.
    "For the program to care for animals, especially the local dogs Bali we think is still very less, but for us, the dog in Bali is very important to be maintained, in the guard and saved them from extinction, because for us Balinese, the dog is a friend as well as our guard. Dogs are not an enemy to be hunted and destroyed," said Sumandia. (bbn/mul/rob)

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