The Figure Of Ni Ketut Parmiani, The First Tenun Dancer In Bali -


The Figure Of Ni Ketut Parmiani, The First Tenun Dancer In Bali

Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2018 | 16:20 WITA

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, BADUNG. Badung. As if her entire body had been flowed by the blood of art dance, this woman's body did not want to stop swaying, she kept dancing and dancing. The figure of the dancer is Ni Ketut Parmiani who danced from the age of 8 to the present in her old age.
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Various kinds of traditional Balinese dances have been able to be mastered at her young age, thus bringing her dancing from the Presidential Palace of Jakarta and Bogor to even traveling around with the first Indonesian President Bung Karno abroad.
The Parmiani dance world cannot be separated from the figure of her inspiring uncle. Her Uncle, the late I Nyoman Ridet is the creator of one of the traditional Balinese dances, Tenun dance.
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"There are several stages in weaving activities when my uncle accompanied by his wife created Tenun (weaving) dance in Banjar Campuhan," recalled the 73-year-old lady when she was met directly at her residence in Kerobokan area, Badung.
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In 1957, she remembered the creation process at that time, then she was asked to perform Tenun dance for the first time in front of the audience. Parmiani also had performed this dance in the Presidential Palace with several friends from Bali then went abroad to Egypt and Africa with the Indonesian President Bung Karno. According to her, she did not have any significant problem when she was asked to perform Tenun dance for the first time.
"I don't think there is any difficulty in bringing Tenun dance on the stage. Maybe it's because, I've been used to dancing from my childhood," she recalled her experience while wiping the tears dripping on her cheeks.
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Until now she still dances, Parmiani still remembers very well every movement of the Tenun dance.
"If I don't dance, it just makes this body feel unwell. Moreover, if somebody asks me to perform Tenun dance again, I still remember very well all the movements in each stage of the dance," she explained while rubbing her gray-looking hair.
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The woman who had become an announcer on RRI Bali felt a little wistful because only few of the young generation want to learn and practice Tenun dance.
"There is no young generation who really want to continue to learn this Tenun dance. There really is, but there are not too many who want to learn. Yes, I hope there are many future generations who want to learn Tenun dance," hopethis old lady who already has three grandchildren. [bbn/aga/era]

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