Commemorating The World Peace Day, A Symposium was held by The Bali Entrepreneurs -


Commemorating The World Peace Day, A Symposium was held by The Bali Entrepreneurs

Selasa, 25 September 2018 | 08:22 WITA

DOWNLOAD APP BERITABALI.COM, DENPASAR.,Denpasar. The world peace day is commemorated every 21st September. This year, the Bali entrepreneurs commemorated the World peace day by concurrently praying and holding a symposium in Gong Perdamaian Dunia Garden (The Garden of the World Peace), Denpasar. 

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    Attended the event, The Head of Bali Chamber of Commerce and Industry, A.A. Ngurah Alit Wiraputra, Sh, MH, The owner of the Gong Perdamaian Dunia garden, Ketut Suardhana Linggih, the Heads of the Entrepreneur association, the entrepreneurs, steering committees, Organizing Committees as well as the college students in Bali as stated by the coordinator of the event, Dr.dr.I Gusti Nyoman Darmaputra, SpKK.  Acted on as the speakers at the symposium: Ida Rsi Acarya Waisnawa Agni Budha Wisesanatha, Prof. Dr.I Wayan Ramantha, SE, M.M, CPA, AK and Dr, A.A.Tini Rusmini Gorda, S.H, M.M, M.H.
    Entrepreneurs are those who are not only act as the economy leaders but also human beings who require blissfulness and peacefulness. This statement was stated by the Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Udayana University, Prof.Dr. I Wayan Ramantha, S.E, M.M, CPA, AK at the symposium of the Entrepreneurs leaders Friday, September 21, 2018 at the Gong Perdamaian Dunia garden, Kertalangu cultural village, Denpasar.
    Ramantha viewed the three variants of Peacefulness and economy namely (a) synergistic variants, the value of peacefulness come together with the value of economy, (b) variant of antithesis and dialectics, the value of peacefulness connected to the value of economy significantly, (c) variant of partial-equivalence structure, the value of peacefulness is connected to the value of economy mutually, completely and intensively. It was stated by him that peacefulness requires economic sufficiency since the economic sufficiency will be achieved when there is peacefulness. 
    Every religion must be laden by culture and encompasses various economy ideas. The prosperity and blissfulness of the society will be achieved when the government as well as the entrepreneurs and society collaborates those elements properly. In connection with that, the concept of blissfulness mainly about prosperity, the sense of contentment internally and externally, Physically and spiritually , seen and unseen.
    It was stated in line with the economic development towards: Orange Economy ; the economy as an industry that combines creation, production and commercialization of intangible creative content from nature, culture and religion. The head of BKOW ( Women Organization Cooperation Agency)  of Bali Province, Dr.A.A. Tini Rusmini Gorda, S.H, M.M, M.H. emphasized that blissfulness is in link to two main terms namely patience and sincerity. Cited as an example, Tini Rusmini described the education realm, specifically at the schools managed by her. She must be able to behave patiently especially in adapting to various characters of employees, teachers, lecturers, in order to be accepted well by them. 
    “Be patient to accept all characters and be sincere when my expectation is not in accordance with the hope of most people. Every cloud has a silver lining, we just need to go through this phase patiently and sincerely to create harmony for harmony is indeed simple,” she concluded.
    Whereas, Ida Rsi Wisesanatha conveyed that our genuine self is not our physical appearance, but our existence at the time we become the owner of our own body as a genuine self. In the soul consciousness, we possess high intelligence and wisdom. When our level of consciousness reaches the soul awareness that is the time when patience, wisdom and sense of understanding taking place. The matter is that we lost the idea that we are the genuine soul itself.
    There are six wrapper linings or dimensions surrounding our genuine self namely soul, will, compassion, mind and ego, emotions and the external body. First, we must enlighten those things by understanding the rule in nature of each dimension. After recognizing the rule, try to manage them for this is a long journey of human beings even they are being reincarnated repeatedly. This was explained by one of the Steering Committees of the Gema Perdamaian (Echo of peace) ahead the hundreds of Bali entrepreneurs in the symposium held on 21st September ago. 
    According to Ida Rsi Wisesanatha, the composition of consciousness which carries the soul needs to be developed as of we can design our farther steps and appreciate our journey. “A good Dharma (kindness) is a Dharma built upon the recognition of the rule in nature. It is not about memorizing or committing dogma, but investigating each learning resources in order to create aesthetics&rdquo

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  • ; stated by the General Manager of Paiketan Krama Bali, the association of Balinese residents. 
    Further explained, orderliness and discipline are the two basic elements to reach enlightenment. Starting with orderliness and discipline, each individual then begins to recognize the dimensions of the body, emotion, ego as well as the compassion for this is the entrance way. 
    According to a man, who is still walaka, a term to address those who have never done a religious purification as a holy priest in Bali, named Made Suryawan, in connection to peacefulness we must always be in the level of consciousness. As said by Steve Jobs “Stay foolish stay hungry”, do not find ourselves to be the most spiritual, the kindest and the smartest, thus arrogance will appear yet accusing others as if they are not as smart as us, insisting them to be smart in strange ways. Blissfulness can only be achieved when we respect others as we respect ourselves”, he said. (bbn/rls/rob)

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