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Nyepi in Bali Has The Opportunity to Become a Tour Package

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2019 | 12:58 WITA


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During the Nyepi celebration in Bali, travel agents have the opportunity to offer it as a tour package with the condition that they still follows Tapa Bratha Penyepian or does not carry out activities that are prohibited in the implementation of Nyepi Day.

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    "Nyepi Day, can be a tour package. As long as you keep following the rules or do not carry out activities that are prohibited in the Nyepi Day," Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, A.A Gede Yuniartha Putra, recently.
    Perhaps in its execution, he said, hotels can also be monitored by Pecalang so that tourists who do not follow the rules during the Nyepi day in hotels in particular can be dealt with quickly.
    "Hotels, for example, in addition to being secured by hotel security, are also supervised by Pecalang. If, in the event, there are tourists to carry out activities, especially those that disturb Hindus in during the Nyepi day, they can be dealt with," he explained.
    Tourists who took the package, he added, would certainly still have to follow the existing rules. "Yes, of course all must follow the rules that apply in implementing Nyepi Day so that everything can go well," he concluded. (bbn/aga/rob)

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