British Ambassador to Indonesia Owen Jenkins First visit to Bali -


British Ambassador to Indonesia Owen Jenkins First visit to Bali

Minggu, 22 September 2019 | 13:00 WITA
British Ambassador to Indonesia Owen Jenkins First visit to Bali


British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste Owen Jenkins will make his first official visit to Bali on 23-24 Sept. 
The visit will further develop the British governments growing relations with Bali Provincial Government and Denpasar City Administration. The Ambassador is scheduled to meet the Governor of Bali, Bapak I Wayan Koster to discuss cooperation in the areas of education, tourism, infrastructure development and renewable energy. 
He will also meet with the Mayor of Denpasar to follow up on the progress of collaborations on English language skills, vocational training, creative industry development and the Sister City programme. He will also meet Badung Regent Mr I Nyoman Giri Prasta.
During the visit he is also scheduled to deliver a public lecture on education, the Chevening scholarship and the 70th anniversary of UK-RI diplomatic relations at the University of Udayana.
Ambassador Owen Jenkins said that the British relationship with the Bali has gone from strength to strength and I am excited to be making the first of what I am sure will be many visits to the region. Our relationship has a great foundation. Hundreds of thousands of British nationals appreciate the beautiful culture, scenery and atmosphere in Bali every year. We have had a consulate in Bali to support those visitors since 2004. 
And earlier this year, UK recruited a Regional Outreach Manager, Andi Poetri. She will develop relationships with Bali’s key decision makers and spot opportunities for UK and Indonesia to work together. UK are already working on a much more broad and deep basis with our Indonesian partners here. They recognise the huge potential of Indonesian regions like Bali and cities like Denpasar.


"I want to see us do even more together, including in developing people to people links, trade, business and education. Many of our challenges are shared – how to deal with rapid urbanisation and build modern cities for the 21st century; making the most of technology in public services and infrastructure; and equipping our populations with the education and skills of tomorrows economy," Said Jenkins.
He said that they can and should search for solutions together. "I look forward to meeting Governor Koster and Mayor Rai Mantra to hear their views on how we can advance our partnership,” added him. (bbn/rls/rob)

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