Being a Champion in Porprov, FORKI Buleleng Disappointed with the Pre-PON Bali Selection -


Being a Champion in Porprov, FORKI Buleleng Disappointed with the Pre-PON Bali Selection

Minggu, 13 Oktober 2019 | 19:30 WITA

The selection of athletes in the karate sport for the Bali Pre-PON team by FORKI in Bali Province surprised various parties, it was because the selection of the karateka (karate player) did not refer to the results of the Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) of Bali and instead did the re-selection last Saturday at GOR Lila Buana Denpasar. 

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  • Based on the result of that re-selection, Pengkab FORKI Buleleng stated assertively and questioned the process of the selection, it was because Buleleng as the General Champion in Karate Sport in Porprov Bali XIX in Tabanan felt very disadvantages, therefore on Monday (13/10/2019) in the afternoon, they did a sudden meeting and responded the policies done by FORKI Bali for the selection of Pre-PON Bali.
    The head of FORKI Buleleng Regency, dr. Ketut Putra Sedana, Sp.OG., accompanied by Secretary of FORKI Buleleng Putu Arga and the trainers as well as the athletes stressed that Buleleng felt disappointed with the selection conducted at the Provincial level for the Pre-PON team that was not in accordance with the mechanisms and regulations.
    The general head of FORKI Buleleng Putra Sedana, who is familiarly called as Dokter Caput said that the Pre-PON selection results should be reviewed because they had injured the sportsmanship process, he also stated that Buleleng will followed up the case assertively if there is no change.
    Andre Wahyudi, who won gold in Bali Porprov event in Tabanan, said that he was disappointed with the re-selection that was done by FORKI Bali to fill the Bali Pre-PON team, even he saw a number of irregularities in the process of the re-selection from the beginning.
    In addition, Gede Santi also mentioned the same thing, it was when there were irregularities in the process of summoning for joining the selection, however he still followed the process of the selection well although there were some process did not make sense.
    To make sure that the protest will be responded seriously, Pengkab FORKI Buleleng is going to send letter formally to Pengprov FORKI Bali, however if it is not responded by them, FORKI Buleleng will followed up the case assertively which surely will be coordinated with KONI Buleleng Regency. 

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