Discover Five Charming Hidden Tourist Destinations in Bali -


Discover Five Charming Hidden Tourist Destinations in Bali

Rabu, 06 November 2019 | 20:00 WITA


It seems that a short time will not be enough to explore every corner in Bali. It is hard to feel bored on the “Island of the Gods” because there are always new things you can get.

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  • In addition, Bali still has tourist destinations that are rarely visited by people. Surely, it will be a memorable experience if you can travel and explore those places. Are you curious? These are 5 hidden and rarely visited tourist spots in Bali that you should not miss:
    1.    Waterblow Nusa Dua
      Waterblow Nusa Dua (source:
    Waterblow is located in the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), Nusa Dua. This place is actually just a cliff. The appeal of it is when the cliffs are exposed by strong waves. This is caused by Waterblow's position which is dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. You can capture photos of the waves hitting the reef or sit on the edge.
    2.    Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang
    Hidden Canyon is a river canyon area that is considered sacred by the local community. This place is rarely visited because the terrain is quite dangerous. It is highly recommended to bring a tour guide together while exploring Hidden Canyon. Despite its difficulties, this canyon has beautiful panoramas and needs to be captured with a camera.
    3.    Taman Ujung Sukasada
    Taman Ujung is one of the water palaces left by Karangasem Kingdom, which was founded in 1909. The Balinese architecture of this park was apparently designed by Dutch and Chinese architects. Taman Ujung originally had an area of 400 hectares, but most of the area had been distributed to the people. At present, the area of Taman Ujung only reaches 10 hectares.
    Explore 100 stairs to reach the pillar building without a roof. You can watch the bluish Ujung Beach in the southeast. This water palace has 3 large ponds which are separated each other. In the south pool, there is an empty hall without walls. You can cross the northern pool and take pictures on a Balinese design bridge.
    4.    Sawangan Beach
    The next hidden tourist spot is Sawangan Beach. This beach is located in the southern part of Nusa Dua. White sand alongside the blue sea makes Sawangan Beach not inferior to famous beaches. The ocean currents are calm so it is suitable for swimming, playing water, and snorkeling. To reach this beach, you have to pass the rocky stairs.
    5.    Dawa Stone Tree House
     Batu dawa tree house (source: pinterest @suntea_ddee)
    This tree house is not an ordinary tree house. The tourism object of Batu Dawa Karangasem Tree House is one of the new tourist spots, precisely opened in 2015. So, not many people come here yet. The attractive design is suitable for you who want to hunt for photos. 
    Batu Dawa Tree House was established on a 6,000 square meter land. There are two tree houses made of bamboo. Uniquely, you have to cross a quite high bamboo bridge before heading to the tree house. Visitors will be presented with a panoramic view of Mount Agung, Tulamben Beach, and the stunning Amed Beach. There is a pyramid-shaped stone building which is also good as a photo spot.
    What are you waiting for? Explore the places above now too! You can capture the moment there with your cellphone. Then, do not forget to share stories about your adventures with your closest one.  

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