Introducing the Typical Balinese Culinary, City Government Holds Rijsttafel Cooking Competition -


Introducing the Typical Balinese Culinary, City Government Holds Rijsttafel Cooking Competition

Rabu, 06 November 2019 | 19:00 WITA

Denpasar City Government through the Economy and Natural Resources Section in collaboration with the ICA (Indonesia Chef Association) held an event entitled "Balinese Rijsttafel Cooking Competition".

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  • This activity is an effort to arouse and introduce local products, especially Balinese culinary, to the international arena. The annual event which is now entering its fifth implementation is opened by the Deputy Chairperson of the TP. PKK, Ny. Antari Jaya Negara was accompanied by the Assistant of Government Administration and Public Welfare of the Denpasar City Secretariat I Made Toya marked by beating Pan and Frying Pan at Inna Bali Heritage Hotel Jl Veteran Wednesday (6/11).
    The Head of the Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Nyoman Sri Utari, and the Head of the Economic Section of the Denpasar City Secretariat, I Made Saryawan were also attending the occasion, along with other relevant OPDs in the Denpasar City Government.
    Mrs. Antari Jaya Negara, accompanied by the Assistant Government and Welfare of the Denpasar City Secretariat, I Made Toya, said that the event was very good because it aroused creativity especially in cooking Balinese cuisine with international packaging, and was fully supported.
    "Hopefully, in the future this activity can become a bigger festival, so that it can become a venue for preservation and introducing Balinese culinary in national to international events," she said.
    Meanwhile ICA Bali Chairman I Gede Hendra Mahena greatly appreciated the event that was held annually because participants who participated are the youngsters. "It is an opportunity for young people because their knowledge is still fresh, this opportunity must be utilized well," he said.
    Through this fifth Professional Chef Competition, it is hoped that it can increase the love of Balinese culinary, and the hotel can make Balinese cuisine a choice of dishes for tourists.
    He also said that creative young people must be supported especially regarding to Balinese culinary which must be preserved as a recipe for inheritance.
    "Balinese spices have its own characteristics, with a unique taste, if it is successfully packaged with the international without losing its characteristics, it would be valued," he added.
    One of the judges, Ketut Suastika stated that this competition was an opportunity for young chefs to hone their skills in processing food ingredients with Balinese special spices.
    "Beside the taste and creativity, the level of cleanliness is also assessed here, because it also becomes an important standard for a chef," he said.
    Meanwhile, one of the contestants, I Wayan Edi Gunawan from Element By Westin Ubud, said that he was very happy to join this event.
    "This event is very positive and provides an opportunity for novice chefs to practice skills, especially Balinese cuisine, the matter of winning is just a bonus," he said.  

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