Denpasar Wins the Best City Smart Economy Award 2019 -


Denpasar Wins the Best City Smart Economy Award 2019

Rabu, 06 November 2019 | 18:00 WITA

Denpasar City Government again achievers at the national level. This time, the capital of Bali Province successfully won the Best City Smart Economy Award in series of Exhibition, Evaluation & Presidential Lecture Movement Towards 100 Smart City 2019.

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  • This special award given for the success of the region in the implementation of the Smart City program was given by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Johnny G. Plate at Balai Sudirman, Jakarta on Wednesday (6/11).
    The Smart City Award is divided into six categories, namely: Smart Governance, Smart Branding, Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Society, and Smart Environment. There were Deputy Mayor of Denpasar, IGN Jaya Negara, Head Office of Information and Communication of Denpasar City, I Dewa Made Agung along with the relevant OPD leaders in Denpasar City Government.
    Deputy Mayor of Denpasar, IGN Jaya Negara accompanied by the Head Office of Information and Communication of Denpasar City, I Dewa Made Agung, on that occasion said that he was proud and grateful for the award that was won by Denpasar City. Of course this was not separated from the joint commitment of all levels to provide maximum services based on digitalization.
    Various innovations have been carried out within the smart city frame, ranging from the Denpasar Smart Heritage Market Innovation in Pasar Badung, Denpasar City which has implemented the Denpasar Code Story Telling QR Application, Pasar Badung Physical Arrangement, Plastic Bag Free Movement, Cashless Payment, Charges Electronic Market, Smart Parking, Provision of Wifi, River Arrangement, Damakesmas, Pro Denpasar and Cheerful Denpasar Counseling Cars.
    "Surely this has become a pride for all of us, we should be grateful for this achievement, this success is certainly a whip for us to continue to strive for producing maximum services for the community with a variety of conveniences that are packaged in smart cities and digitalization," he explained.
    The Minister of Communication and Information of  Republic of Indonesia, Johnny G. Plate in his remarks said that a concrete manifestation of the Central Government through the Ministry of Communication and Information is to support and ensure cities in Indonesia move simultaneously towards smart cities. Digital transformation accelerates, facilitates service and increases public satisfaction. The 100 Smart City Movement is encouraging local governments to provide services to the community.
    "The character to be achieved is realized through the commitment of the central government as a provider of infrastructure that makes it possible in realizing 100 Smart City Indonesia," he explained.
    Furthermore, he said, the government is currently working on a variety of supporting facilities such as the construction of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and plans for 3447 BTS will be built next year in the Tertinggal (Disadvantaged), Terluar (Outer), and Terdepan Frontier Regions (3T).
    The central government gives serious attention to the 3T Region to ensure the equal distribution of digital facilities. Genius that exists throughout the country can also be used to improve services for the community. In addition, the government's commitment in providing multifunctional satellite networks in 2024 is to maximize internet access for provincial and district / city governments in Indonesia.
    "The government hopes that the availability of infrastructure in the digital field can be used carefully for the interests of the nation, it becomes a pride that this Movement towards 100 Smart Cities is encouraging local governments to develop master plans in the regions. Much to be achieved, this is where the central government plays a role in providing guidance for local governments about the use of digital technology in order to accelerate people's welfare, because digital technology has established a new standard for services to the people who expect the government to produce maximum services, "he said.
    "Certainly, all of the stakeholders are expected to coordinate for mutual progress. The Movement Towards 100 Smart City is the first step towards realizing Indonesia to become a digital nation. In addition, the government has agreed on a plan for the Law on the Protection of Personal Data into Prolegnas 2020. This is not only beneficial for personal, but also for the nation, "he added.

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